K6 is an open-source framework for implementing load testing

K6 tests work well when run within a CI-CD pipeline or on a schedule.

K6 does not use the V8 Engine engine and is not nodejs based.

  • therefore we can't import node modules into our K6 script

K6 Script

Making scripts

K6 scripts can be made in several ways:

  • K6 test builder - In the K6 UI, create the test with an endpoint
  • K6 recorder - with a browser extension, simply record the actions by clicking through your application's UI.
  • converter - generate K6 scripts from HAR files, Postman collections, OpenAPI specifications
  • manual - write the script (with Javascript) by hand
    • tip: use VSCode extension


  • The default export of the script is the entrypoint for the virtual users (VUs), similar to main() of other programming languages.
    • code inside this function runs over and over as long as the load test is running, while the other functions are init functions that only run once per VU.


  • all variables must be prefixed with K6_ (can be added in the CI-CD tool UI, like Gitlab)
  • .js files work best