Formik keeps track of your form’s state and then exposes it plus a few reusable methods and event handlers (handleChange​, handleBlur​, and handleSubmit​) to your form via props​.

  • handleChange​ and handleBlur​ work exactly as expected — they use a name​ or id​ attribute to figure out which field to update.
  • Formik handles validation and errors for us as well

The button with type="submit" is what submits the Formik form.

  • like HTML <form>, the default behaviour is to send a GET and put the form values in the URL.



helps with the form submission in Formik. It is automatically passed the form values and any other props wrapped in the component


used to initialize the values of the form state. Formik transfers the results of mapPropsToValues​ into an updatable form state and makes these values available to the new component as props.values.

  • helps to transform the outer props into form values. It returns all the values gotten from the form details.


<Field />

used to automatically set up React forms with Formik.

  • It’s able to get the value by using the name attribute, which it uses to match up the Formik state
  • it is by default set to the input element. That can easily be changed by specifying a component prop.

We can use the <Field /> component to get values in and out of Formik internal state

// text input
{touched.fullname && errors.fullname && <p>{errors.fullname}</p>}
<Field className="input" type="text" name="fullname" placeholder="Full Name" />

// select
{touched.editor && errors.editor && <p>{errors.editor}</p>}
<div className="control">
  <Field component="select" name="editor">
    <option value="atom">Atom</option>
    <option value="sublime">Sublime Text</option>

// checkbox
<label className="checkbox">
  {touched.newsletter && errors.newsletter && <p>{errors.newsletter}</p>}
  <Field type="checkbox" name="newsletter" checked={values.newsletter} />
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helper component ​​that extends the native form​ element. ​​It automatically assigns the onSubmit​ event handler to props.handleSubmit

The component is used to encompass the whole code needed for the form.