Hardware Components

What happens when we run an executable?

  1. as we type the characters ./hello into the shell program, each letter is read into a register (in the CPU), and then stores it in memory
  2. When we hit <enter>, the shell loads the executable hello file by executing a sequence of instructions that copies the code and data in the hello object file from disk to main memory (included is the string of characters "hello, world\n")
  3. the data then travels directly from disk to main memory, without passing through the processor (a technique known as direct memory access)
  4. Once the code and data of the hello file are loaded into memory, the processor begins executing machine-language instructions in the hello program's main function.
    • These instructions copy the bytes in the "hello, world\n" string from memory to the register file (CPU), and from there to the display device (monitor).

  1. ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit )
  2. Battery
  3. Bus
  4. CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  5. Circuit Board
  6. GPU
  7. Interfaces
  8. RAM (Random Access Memory)
  9. Sound Card