Default Heuristic

Instead of searching for the best option, use a technique we call the default heuristic. The premise of this heuristic is that when the cost of acquiring new information is high and the consequence of deviating from a default choice is low, sticking with the default will likely be the optimal choice.

  • It should be any option that gives you very high confidence that it will work.
  • It is something you’ve used before.
  • Something you understand well.
  • Something that has proven itself to be a reliable way for getting things done in the space you’re operating in.
  • It doesn’t necessarily have to be the theoretical best choice.
  • It doesn’t have to be the most efficient. Or the latest and greatest.
  • It simply needs to be a reliable option to get you to your ultimate desirable outcome.
  • It should be very unlikely to fail you; you have to be confident that it’s a very safe bet. In fact, that’s the only requirement.

  1. Automation